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West End Girls

The lyric "From Lake Geneva to the Finland Station" refers to the train route taken by Vladimir Lenin when he was smuggled by the Germans to Russia during the World War I, a pivotal event in the Russian Revolution. Indeed, it is highly likely the lyric was inspired by the book To the Finland Station by Edmund Wilson, a very famous work on the history of revolutionary thought and Socialism that Tennant would have at least heard of, if not read, as a student. The Bobby Orlando produced version of the single included another line, "All your stopping, stalling and starting, / Who do you think you are, Joe Stalin?" which was removed for the 1985 version. Neil Tennant has a degree in history and his interest in Russian history is evident in many other Pet Shop Boys projects such as their soundtrack to the silent film Battleship Potemkin.

Скачал тут любимый альбом детства Pet Shop Boys - Disco. На рутрекере можно выбирать из 192кГц оцифровок с LP. Выбрал не где самое крутое оборудование, а где качество пластинки NM и оборудование ок. Революционный альбом. Оказывается не только за счет музыки, но и за счет текстов. Вот так, в далеких 80-х, я приобщался к "чуждой модной западной культуре" через песни об Ильиче.
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